Our 'Village wonderings' is specially designed and prepared to provide our guests to know the pulse and rhythm of village life at close quarters.

An expedition to the soul of typical Kerala Village. Our "Village Ramble" is planned to provide our guests to know more about the life-style, culture and the pristine beauty of village life in close quarters.

a serene hamlet situated at a distance of 22 kms from Ernakulam. This tiny village is endowed with swaying coconut palms, intricate network of waterways, lush green paddy fields and very friendly common people.

One of the main village industry here is the making of coir. The process of obtaining fibre from the thick husks of coconut is very tedious. It is work coir and beautiful coir products.

Today, a slight sweet intoxication of local brew it is extracted from the flower buds of coconut trees. It is very interesting to watch how the toddy tapper is collecting the toddy from the tree top.

Another form of earning for the villagers. The edible fresh-water mussel is collected from the river-bed by fishermen.

The traditional way of acqua culture to grow and harvest fresh-water fish. Dikes are made in the back-water esturaries as spawning fields for prawns and shrimps. It is harvested during the tides with a net attached to the sluice gate.

The busiest place, come to life in every morning and evening, where the villagers are use to buy and sell, vegetables, fish, groceries and other waves.

One of the oldest way used to catch fish, and it is supposed to be brought into this coast by the Chinese travelers.

The glorious sight of setting sun through the coconut fronds that silhouetted against Chinese nets and passing birds.

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