Ayurveda, more than 5000 years old way of life. A very sceintific healing therapy used to rejuvenate and maintain a healthy body and mind. "Panchakarma Chikitsa" (five fold therapy) is intended for the elimination of toxins and to replenish the tissues in the body. This natural way for relaxation to both body and mind is now widely accepted.

Stay and relax so close to nature, surrounded by coconut trees and mangroves that too on the the tranquil shore of inland backwaters. Typically constructed in traditional Kerala style to stay aloof from the buzz of city life.

Kerala Package 01 Package duration-
5 Nights 6 Days
Kerala Package 02 Package duration-
7 Nights 8 Days
Kerala Package 03 Package duration-
9 Nights 10 Days

South Indian
Package 04

Package duration-
10 Nights 11 Days

Kerala backwater
Package 05

Package duration-
3 Nights 4 Days